Are you a wine lover? Are you dreaming having your own wine production or do you prefer the variety of private collection? Do you measure things on their investment value or are you just seeking for the happiness of pleasure in everything? Whatever your type, do you trust your taste? If so, you are on the right place for fulfilling your wine desire. See how:


Shop Wine

Our site offers fine wine selections for your private collection. You can order your preferred wine from our eshop and we will send it to you directly from producer's cellar.

Shop Rights

Instead of buying wine bottles you can reserve your favourite wine selection for certain period of time by purchasing rights on wine bottles. Each reservation is connected to a specific bottle identified by a unique number provided to you during reservation. You could even reserve future selections that are currently under making process!


In case you do not have a cellar and still need your purchased bottles to be stored under excellent conditions some of the producers we are collaborating with can provide this option too. We guarantee that their cellars are evaluated regurarily and provide top storage conditions. If you keep bottles in storage you are owner of their rights too taking advantage of any related benefits. Obviously, storage is provided for all reserved bottles when puchasing wine rights.

Rights Handling

You can materialize your rights ownership in the following ways:
-Consume: Ask for the related bottle(s) to be sent and enjoy your taste.
-Trade: You can sell your rights to other interested customers through our auction platform.

Private Collection

The combination of purchasing wine bottles or rights along with storage service gives you the opportunity to create your private collection with no need of creating a cellar at your place. The private collection can be constanlty monitored and handled online through your profile pages.

About spiritXchange

We are a passionate team focused on discovering unique products of Greek nature. Our main belief is that in a totally industrialized world where food and drink products are mainly processed and mixed with artificial ingredients, consuming natural products is the only investment to personal and global future.

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